Thursday, September 1, 2011



Length: At the collar bone
Texture: Thick, Heavy, Coarse
Colour: Brown with a hint of red (Raspberry Macron)


 Length: Just touching neck
Texture: Loose, Fluffy
Colour: Brown with a hint of gold/yellow (Chiffon Beige)

 The lighting in this picture exaggerates my current hair colour, just to give a clearer picture. Its more to the yellow/gold side, but still brown in general. 

SO.... I love my new haircut! Its basically the same just that shorter. LOL. And i just realized that it looks even more similar to Rainie Yang's current hairstyle. D: She is my favourite chinese celeb, but i do not want to look like a fangirl trying to imitate her. And to make it worst, i've got a new pimple scar that looks like Rainie's mole from far.  -_- But i do prefer my previous hair colour though, stuck with that raspberry macron colour for more than a year already, since april 2010. Wanted a change so i bought a different colour to try it out, well its still brown but with a hint of yellow/gold instead of my usual red. Not much of a difference, but its visible to me. LOL.


  1. likey ur hair! i'm thinking to cut short! but dunno should not.. =SS

  2. Hey joan!! (:

    Yes, maybe you will like it like me! hahah. i dont think i'll be growing my hair long in the near future! loving short hair! hahaha.

  3. hahah! maybe i will! mum's been naggin for the longest time to cut it away. having cui-ed hair for e longest time.. soon! i'll cut it soon! >.< i misssss uuuuuuuuu... see you soon!! =DD